Information on copyright for students and lecturers

At last! An 'add-on' that automatically creates an attribution for you!

Called Open Attribute, this nifty add-on creates a rough attribution for any Creative Commons licensed image or photo you want to use.

Read how it works:

Try the interactive Copyright Quiz!
It's an easy way to learn the main pillars of copyright:
  1. What use do you want to make of "the work"?
  2. Is there a copyright provision you can rely on?
  3. Are there limits to what you want to do?
  4. What referencing, attributions, or notices apply to the copied work?

9.9 MB download, click on file and then Run to play.

This quiz has 4 categories: text, images, audiovisual, and Blackboard.
Drag and drop the post-it notes in the correct blanks - reading across the rows.

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